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Physician's Office Computer
Physician's Office Computer

Lynn M. Curtis, Billing Manager,
Memorial Hospital EKG Medical Associates
(POCTM User Since 1995)

"We have been using POCTM  since 1995 and it has always been a pleasure calling your office for anything. With the Medicare transition to NHIC, it could have been a disaster with the amount of claims we process daily. However, your patience and help made the transition almost enjoyable! I thank all of you."

Gretchen Bergquist, President, Medi-Tech
(POCTM User Since 1988)

"I am extremely impressed with this software and the immediate assistance given with any question.   POCTM   specializes in 'Physicians and I believe this is why their services and updates are perfect for this field'."

I cannot imagine using any other software for 'medical billing.' I have seen several in physician's offices and ours is definitely the best."

Lisa A. Kiplinger, Billing Supervisor,
Philip R. Kiplinger, M.D.
(POCTM User Since 1992)

"I have been very pleased with POCTM,   both in the software program and with the technical support that I have received. The program is very user friendly, and made converting our billing to a computer system an easy transition.

Overall, I have been very pleased with Physician's Office ComputerTM.   In fact we have even changed our Physical Therapy office's billing system over to the POCTM   program."

Neal Crider, President/Owner,
The Crider Group
(POCTM User Since 1997)

"As a billing service, I have been very pleased with POC'sTM   software and technical support. The entire POCTM   staff is courteous and friendly...My experience with the POCTM   software (is that it is) very user friendly and easy (on which) to train. Overall, my years with POCTM   have been very satisfying and I would definitely recommend it to others."

Laurie Riley, Office Manager,
Drs. Paley and Mailhot
(POCTM User Since 1987)

"Reliable...Updates done at appropriate times...Information given (is) accurate. The system is 'a no brainer' as well as 'user friendly'."

Sharon Piakett, Office Manager,
Lorenzo Brown, M.D.
(POCTM User Since 1992)

"Extremely happy with the company. In the years we have been using the POCTM   software, we have not regretted this purchase a single day. We have saved in excess of $5,000/yr. with an in-house system.

POCTM  stays current with industry changes long before the changes need to be implemented. Many years ago I looked at POCTM   but opted to buy another system which did not generate a single surgical claim! After using an expensive billing service for several years - we returned to POCTM  and have never regretted it. It really is simple and easy to use."

Gladys Holsonback, Office Manager,
Neil J. Sherman, M.D.
(POCTM User Since 1990)

"Our company specializes in pediatric surgery and has been with POCTM   since 1990...Its simplicity is one of its outstanding features."

Maria S. Granthom, M.D.
(POCTM User Since 1983)

"Thanks for your continued efforts to improve the system" (Commenting on our "What Do You Want' user suggestion program.)

(Anonymous - by request)
(POCTM User Since 1984)

"I think of POCTM   as one of my employees - and it's the SMART one!"

Wendy Galto, Office Manager,
Richmond Foot Clinic
(POCTM User Since 1988)

"I feel completely secure and confident in your knowledge and skill whenever I need an answer to solve a problem."

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