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Physician's Office Computer
Physician's Office Computer
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program going to do for my office?

Physician's Office ComputerTM  pays for itself in the first few months of use through more timely and accurate billing, increased collections, fewer insurance claim rejections and more productive use of staff time. This uncommonly high return on investment makes POCTM  one of the best business decisions a physician can make.

What about electronic billing?

Yes, Physician's Office ComputerTM  currently has Electronic Claims Submission available for all major commercial carriers, Medicare and most states' Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California). The User has the option of purchasing our ECS Module for direct electronic claim submission or processing their electronic claims through our clearinghouse for a sam ll per claim fee. The benefit to you is faster reimbursement, fewer error because of software editing, and money is saved on staff time, postage and paper supplies.

Is the program affordable?

Our program can be leased for a one time fee of $495.00, for single-user, plus $79.00 per month or $695.00 one time fee, for multi-user, and $99.00 per month. The lease comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back arrangement. It includes unlimited Technical Support and all supplemental/update programs at no additional charge. For more information, (including full purchase pricing) please contact our Sales Representatives Toll Free at: 1-800-782-5214.

What reporting capabilities does your software have?

Physician's Office ComputerTM  can provide your practice with over 50 management reports for identifying, evaluating and controlling defined segments of your practice's performance. Our software also allows you to create hundreds of customized reports for comprehensive management of your practice.

How easy is your software to learn and use?

Physician's Office ComputerTM
 operates entirely by the question and answer method making it simple to learn and easy to use. This system has been designed to eliminate all unnecessary keystrokes.

Our software is so well designed with question specific, on-line help you will rarely need to refer to the User's Manual. But, when you do, you will find, like the software itself, the manual is easy to use and comprehensive. Physician's Office ComputerTM  has received critical acclaim from both users and reviewers alike.

What about software support?

Physician's Office Computer'sTM  only business is medical software. We provide the finest quality client support needed to ensure your long-term satisfaction.

What is your company's history?

Physician's Office ComputerTM  (POCTM)  was founded by two physicians in 1979. The Company pioneered medical billing systems in the stand alone medical office software for microcomputers. We continue to stay at the forefront of technology in today's fast paced and ever changing medical industry. The Physician's Office ComputerTM   is a proven product with a solid reputation for quality and performance over an extended period of time.

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